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why choose with us?

Over 70+ combined years of singular style and design experience.

Lean on us to help you find models that are unique and in demand.

Meet the Crew
  • Your impressed friend

    You 3D printed this? Fascinating! Now, make another I can swat off a shelf, will you?


  • Frank the Pug

    Checked out these models – they look super cool and are fun to bat around! But as a snack? Not so tasty.


  • Mom

    Kudos to ZebSTL! Such a wonderful group of young artists pouring their heart into their work. Please support ZebSTL – maybe then my son will finally leave my basement!


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  • Support Indie Artists

    We bow down to no corporate lord! So you can have raw real art! Well except, maybe Shopify, YouTube, TikTok, Reddit, and Autodesk. But other than that we are 100% indie.

  • Print Eye-Catching Creations!

    Our models are one of a kind and made by real human hands with our alien brains that keep us from functioning in society.

  • Community Design

    Not everyone is a creative, but that doesn't mean you can't be involved in the design process through polls and surveys. And get to know a community with great taste.

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