The Zeb3D Crew


Meet the team: @Zeb.3D, @LittleteethMarks, @RickHughes, and @Allison Neville. We're passionate about crafting one-of-a-kind 3D designs – perfect gifts or for those selling physical prints. Your support fuels our creativity, ensuring you enjoy every print. Stay tuned for our upcoming ideas and join the ZebSTL community for a journey filled with innovation and fun!

  • We’re Not Robots... Yet!

    Sure, we're into 3D printing, but that doesn’t mean we've turned into machines. Real humans with quirks, humor, and unmatched artistic flair are behind these designs.

  • Designs So Cool, Even Penguins Are Jealous

    Penguins waddle, we dazzle. Get designs that aren't just eye-catching, but full-blown retina-riveting!

  • Like Orphaned Animals, Just Less Furry

    Think of us as the artists/comedians who wandered into the world of 3D printing, looking for a loving community to call home. Give us a giggle, a home, and some support – we promise not to shed on your furniture!

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Zebadiah Nava


Pug dad, art enthusiast, and 3d printer enjoyer. Zeb loves making scifi things, automata, and anything with a little clown powder.

Zeb's Work >>

Allison Neville

Mushrooms N' Stuff

Diorama maker, all things small, provacative, and mushroomy.

Allison's Work >>

Ace Van


Ace makes all things creepy, sculptie, and cute. You will often find yourself conflicted with giving her creatures a hug or running away. And it will always leave an impression.

LTM's Work >>

Rick Hughes


Rick is a stop motion animation enjoyer, veteran, scifi object creator and master storyteller. His style is unique and looks like it may belong in a Heavy Metal animation.

WinterSuns Work >>